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Peace Corps in Thailand


students lining up rice field


Peace Corps Volunteers in Thailand work on a variety of initiatives. Primary projects focus on teacher development, community development and youth development.

Teacher Collaboration and Commnunity Service (TCCS)


The TCCS Project seeks to address participatory education reform and the improvement of Thai citizens’ quality of life through sustainable community development initiatives. Volunteers and their Thai partners will collaborate closely in the classroom to institute learning reform that supports the 1999 National Education Act and offers teachers the opportunities to develop and enhance skills in participatory learning approaches. They will also cooperate with individuals and groups in their communities to design, plan, and carry out various project initiatives that support community priorities.Read More »

Youth in Development Project (YinD)


The Youth in Development (YinD) Project which prepares and engages Thai youth for their adult roles. Youth focused projects cannot eliminate all the problems that young people face, but this project engages young people and builds on their strengths so that they are fully prepared to transition into adulthood.Read More »

Life in the Peace Corps will not be easy.... Men and women will be expected to work and live alongside the nationals of the country in which they are stationed— doing the same work, eating the same food, talking the same language. But if the life will not be easy, it will be rich and satisfying.

For every young American who participates in the Peace Corps—who  works in a foreign land—will know that he or she is sharing in the great common  task of bringing to man that decent way of life which is the foundation of freedom and a condition of peace. President John F. Kennedy